decorative graphics

“This is a fabulous book written by the right people, and if I had to pick only three books for my desk, this would be one of them.”

–Peter Shirley, author of Fundamentals of Computer Graphics

“This is the first book on perception to build on the need to understand how images are formed in order to understand how they are perceived and used. The discussions of applications to computer graphics are the icing on the cake of a broad and often deep
treatment of the evergrowing science of human visual perception.”

–Daniel Kersten, Department of Psychology, University of Minnesota.

“Finally, here is a book that offers a thorough introduction to visual perception specifically geared toward the graphics practitioner. It should be required reading for anyone serious about computer graphics.”

–Alexei A. Efros, School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University

“…This book matches basic vision texts in coverage and adds the unique point of view of production: how would you create this scene? It is an excellent resource and new source of ideas about how vision works and how computer graphics can best take advantage of the properties of the human visual system.”

–Patrick Cavanagh, Professeur des universités, Université Paris Descartes and Research Professor, Harvard University